I vs. We

I vs. we.  When to two go head to head which is more likely to prevail. The United States Coast Guard is built upon the foundation of the hard work and dedication of its service men and women.  If it weren’t for these people the Coast Guard would not be as successful as it is.  Too many times people forget this proven fact.  However, through both training camps and real life situations shows that it is vital for people to understand the concept of “we” against “I.”

In training camps future service men and women have to get through a numerous amount of tests to prove they are able and willing to serve their country in the Coast Guard branch.  They consist of physical strength tests and metal strength tests but the most important test of all is the test of teamwork.  Teamwork is tested in every moment training.  During training each recruit “will learn the importance teamwork, hard work, and a positive attitude”(Basic).  If a recruit is unable to work and build trust with the other recruits how are they supposed to be able to work and have trust with their ship mate is a real life dangerous situation? Recruits must realize the United States Coast Guard would not be the United States Coast Guard if not for the dedication to the team.  In the Coast Guard recruits “are put into stressful situations and expected to excel in military education, close quarter living, physical fitness tests, and teamwork”(Coast).  Teamwork is undeniably essential to the success of the United States Coast Guard.

Now it is vital to put the “we” before the “I” in the Coast Guard but if a recruit forgets about the “I” altogether, and solely depends on his fellow recruits, it turns into a recipe for disaster.  This leads into the aspect of a leader: “understanding one’s personality, values, and preferences, while simultaneously recognizing one’s potential as a Coast Guard member” (…and).  Know the “I” can be the death of a Coast Guard member of the life of them.  Only the best of the recruits are able to figure this out.  In the United States Coast Guard the “we” will always be put above the “I” but there will always be an “I.”  On the broader spectrum of things the country never even sees a glimpse of the selfishness that comes with the “I,” the Coast Guard does an amazing job of presenting a seamless unit of force.  As wise Petty officer named Adm. Zukunft once said, “Service to Nation is about placing service above self. It is the common thread that binds us to the nation and to the communities in which we live”(Logan).


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Should the Coast Guard Exist?

Graduating company

Many people think the Coast Guard is a unnecessary militia just using up tax dollars but this is not true.  The United States Coast Guard is a highly trained and efficient militia that protects the high seas along the coast of the powerful United States.  Although they were first known as the cutters officially established in 1790 by the first Congress.  However they were finally established as a formal military in 1797-1799.  These people think there tax dollars are being wasted, isn’t the seas for the Navy? Although through the Coast Guard’s ability to protect and sacrifice everything to keep the country safe proves the Coast Guard is one branch of the military the United States can not do without.

The first reason the Coast Guard is not unnecessary is because of the many jobs and services they do to protect the country.  One of the most important jobs they do is the diver “they sweep ports and waterways during coastal security missions; conduct salvage and recovery operations; inspect Coast Guard cutter hulls; survey coral reefs and environmental sensitive areas; repair, maintain and place of aids to navigation; conduct polar operations as well as conduct joint operations with United States and international military divers”(DV).  Another job the Coast Guard  operates with is the Yeomen status workers who work to “[keep] US Coast Guard Personnel records, and legal documents, administration and other correspondence, and various operations involved with personnel issues”(US).  These two jobs are just a few examples of the many jobs in the Coast Guard that push to further protect the United States.  If not for these operations that Country would not be as safe and respected as it is.

The second reason The Coast Guard is not unnecessary is their ability to sacrifice everything to keep the United States out of harms way.  Many people think the Coast Guard only does search and rescue however, the Coast Guard does much more than that.  The Coast Guard is not a reserve unit they are an active duty service, “last year, members of the Coast Guard deployed to Iraq to protect the maritime oil infrastructure, but also to train the Iraqi naval service”(COAST).  The Coast Guard has deployments just like any other military serves, without them the platoons in Iraq would be significantly smaller and less powerful. The Coast Guard has also played key roles in many of the Country’s wars such as the “Quasi-war with France, war of 1812, Seminole war, Mexican war, civil war, Spanish american war, world war 1, world war 2, Korean conflict, and war in Vietnam”(Coast).  If these wars where played out without the coast Guard the outcome could have been very different, more lives lost, even a lose of one of these wars.  The United States needs the sacrifices of the Coast Guard just as much as any other branch of military.

Even with these amazing attributes to the Coast Guard most people still think the Coast Guard is nothing but a waste of the public’s taxes.  Many people claim the Coast Guard and the Navy are the same thing just get rid of the Coast Guard all together?  Many people would say the Navy is better because of the “selfless service of upstanding men and women; through their responsible use of incredible capabilities; and through the pride, purpose and professionalism present in all they do and have done”(About).  However this definition of the Navy can very well be the same definition of the Coast Guard.  Then people will say since they are so similar just combine them into one and cut back on the amount of service men and women. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert says, ”’We’re getting pretty close to that”'(Harper).  Things economically will only get worse of the Navy and the Coast Guard combined due to the major cut back in jobs that would have to happen leaving millions jobless.  Nothing good can come out of combining the Navy and the Coast Guard.

A mists the Coast Guard’s ability to protect the United States and their willingness to sacrifice every last ounce of their being to keep the people of this country safe proves the country would be lost without them.  Anyone trying to get rid of the Coast Guard will only reveal the undeniable great qualities that can mean the difference between the life and death of the many people of the United States.  It is impossible to find ways to get rid of such an effective and powerful branch of the military.

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National Coast Guard Spending or Government Spending?


In any military branch there is always going to be limited funding.  This is because of the excessive spending the government does on things that only worsen the economy and take away peoples rights.  The biggest problem with spending right now is the newly enforced law that every citizen must acquire health care.  Along with this law comes ObamaCare, which gives low priced health care to the lower classes.  While Obama thinks he is helping these people, little does he know he is making all of the other insurance companies more expensive for less coverage and each citizen is now paying for others to have health care.  This problem makes it impossible to raise taxes for the country’s important assets such as the National Coast Guard.  Low funds limit the Coast Guard’s ability to spend money on new machines and creates a conflict in being able to pay service men and women what they deserve.  Government spending needs to be cut and more money should be given to not only the National Coast Guard but all of the military branches.

The first reason Government spending should be cut and more money should go to the National Coast Guard is because of the fact that if it weren’t for the National Coast Guard we would all have to fear for the safety of each individual in the United States. “The Coast Guard is an adaptable, responsive military force of maritime professionals whose broad legal authorities, capable assets, geographic diversity and expansive partnerships provide a persistent presence along our rivers, in the ports, littoral regions and on the high seas” (About Us).  Without this protection the United States would be under constant alertness.  Always wondering if they will be safe, if their babies will be safe from the harsh predators across the seas and oceans.  The National Coast Guards’ job does not end there.  They not only have to defend the coast they also have the PWCS.  The PWCS is the conducts “the employment of awareness activities; counterterrorism, antiterrorism, preparedness and response operations; and the establishment and oversight of a maritime security regime” (Office of Counterterrorism).  Without money to fund the Coast Guard the United States would loose them and would no longer be able to have the most effective and powerful military in the entire world.

The government spending does not just effect the advancement of the Coast Guard; it effects the Coast Guards ability to pay the service men and women what they deserve.  In the next decade “ObamaCare’s cost is estimated at up to net cost of $1.35 trillion dollars” (Office).  The awful part is that these trillions of dollars come from the middle classes and takes away from the military branches.  With these decreases in support to the military the service men and women receive an embarrassing amount of money.  According to the Diving Duty Pay chart the highest paying diver is “$14,000 a month” ( U. S.).  While trillions of dollars are being used to give free insurance to people who don’t work for what they have the service men and women become the middle class.  Being in the middle class has them paying the most taxes to go along with their decreasing pay due to decreasing funds.

On the other side of the spectrum there are many people in the United States that push to vote for more government power, and more government spending with the view of less military.  They believe that with a bigger government they will be able to end the wars and bring home the service men and women.  Although without all the service men and women military branches like the National Coast Guard would not be able to be a  “responsive military force of maritime professionals whose broad legal authorities, capable assets, geographic diversity and expansive partnerships provide a persistent presence along our rivers, in the ports, littoral regions and on the high seas” (About Us).  Although it is important for the service men and women to be home it is even more important to be able to protect the country.  It is a good thing with bigger government that “over half of uninsured Americans can gefree or low cost health insurance, and some can get help on out-of-pocket costs, using their state’s Health Insurance Marketplace” (ObamaCare).  However, with all this “free” insurance the money must come from somewhere.  All this money comes from the middle class and the military branches.  Without the military branches, health insurance would be irrelevant.  If foreigners invade the country and there is no military to protect then there is no health insurance in the world that can protect a person from being killed in the heat of a war.

The government thinks it is okay to spend money they do not have and take money from the organizations that need this money to keep this very country safe.  If there were no ObamaCare or big government and the United States did not spend money it does not have the country would be able to fund the National Coast Guard and all the military branches, keeping this country as safe as it can possibly be.

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What Does it Take to be in the United States Coast Guard?

This is our office

The United States Coast Guard is one of the hidden heroes of the world.  The Coast Guard is a “hidden hero” because they are not involved in the screenplay.  They are the stage mangers, the costume designers, the prop builders; they are the ones that make the wheels turn. Without the Coast Guard there will be no show.

The Coast Guard is hard to notice because of how humble they are. With their humble attitudes and their purity of courage they resemble a true hero. The Coast Guard most definitely is deserving of recognition, despite their desire to not flaunt their success.  People have to realize the sacrifices that have to be made to become one of these exemplary heroes.

To become a coast guardsmen there are a few steps that have to be taken.  First, a person has to make one of the most important decisions of their life.  They need to decide whether they want to work hard and succeed through the hardship or just quit? In the past couple of generations there has been an epidemic with people not working hard to succeed.  The Coast Guard is as far away from this as it can get, in fact, they have an attitude of “bust your tail or get out.” The Coast Guard has core values that are needed by every member: “Integrity is our standard… [we] seek responsibility , accept accountability, and are committed to the successful achievement of our organizational goals.  We exist to serve.  We serve with pride” (USCG CG-5421).

The second step is the physical and mental commitment required to be successful.  New enlistees have to go through an eight week training program.  During the first week they take a series of physical fitness tests that they will need to pass by the end of the eight weeks of training.  The training program is not only to get the new enlistees ready for the physical tests, they focus on preventing some of the most common injuries.  New enlistees underestimate the effects on the body that can take a person out completely, over 30% of enlistees get injured before testing.  “An injured recruit will most likely not graduate on time and will be rephrased to a later week in training” (Nease).  The physical element is hard enough, but the mental aspect is even more intense.  People need to come to the eight week program completely prepared to be pushed to their emotional limits.  “If enlistees come unprepared to be pushed to and past their mental and physical limits they are only making it harder for themselves to succeed” (Brzuska).

The third step is dealing with the stress put on families due to moving around a lot for the job.  In the United States Coast Guard there are two sections and nine districts.  The two sections are divided into Pacific Area and Atlantic Area; the nine districts are 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 14th, and 17th districts (Units).  Straight out of the training program there is a 50/50 chance that a member will get assigned where they want to be stationed (USCGC Midgett).  Depending on a coast guardsmen’s situation, both them and their family may end up moving across the United States.  They could very well end up moving across the United States multiple times; changing stations as frequently as every few months.  Moving around like this can cause dysfunctional family dynamics.  The good thing is families get to stay together while a coast guardsmen is on duty.  Most military operations don’t have the luxury of being close to their families.

The last thing a person needs to understand is the kind of life a Coast Guardsmen will lead.  “As a Coast Guardsmen… [they] [are] expected to save lives, make drug busts, safeguard the environment and  or protect [the] country from terrorists.  In the Coast Guard [they] do more than train and wait, [they] train and perform on a daily basis” (U.S.).  The good work ethic, being able to meet the physical and mental challenges, and their ability to sacrifice for the job defines these Coast Guardsmen as heroes.

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What does the United States Coast Guard do?

The United States Coast Guard does not have one specific job. They are involved in many different occupations helping and serving many diverse situations.  There are five different components of the United States Coast Guard: USCG Officers, USCG Enlisted, Coast Guard Reserve, civilians, and Coast Guard Auxiliary.  The USCG Officers are the part of the Coast Guard where people attend academies to learn the trade.  USCG Enlisted are the people who did not attend an academy but have enlisted to serve in the Coast Guard.  The Coast Guard Reserve is a unit of over 8,000 service men and women that serve one weekend every month and two weeks once a year.  Civilians also play a key role in the Coast Guard with there being 6,000 people helping alongside military personnel in over 200 different types of jobs. Lastly, is the Coast Guard Auxiliary, which is the unit of the Coast Guard that deals mostly with the law enforcement programs.  They also make it a priority to focus on promoting boat safety, providing trained crews, and supporting the Coast Guard requirements (Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs) (Coast Guard Home).  Within these sections of the Coast Guard there are a couple hundred possible jobs to do, each having a key role in making the wheels of the Coast Guard turn.  But, the most widely known jobs are aviation survival technician and boatswain’s mate (Promoting Boating Safety and Stewardship since 1939).  The Coast Guard also has a duty to their service men and women to give them the tools for success, honoring their services.

“The Primary role of aviation survival technicians is to inspect, service, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair: cargo aerial delivery systems, drag parachute systems, aircraft oxygen systems, helicopter emergency flotation systems, portable dewatering pumps, air/sea rescue kits, and special-purpose protective clothing”(Promoting Boating Safety and Stewardship since 1939).  These are a few of the many jobs that branch out from the aviation survival technician but their most important job is to make it possible for the rescue swimmers to jump out of the aircraft and save the lives of people in distress in the high seas.  The first person to actually perform this action, jumping out of a helicopter into the unforgiving sea to save lives, was Stewart Graham back in the 1940’s.  This lead to the Coast Guard not only being able to save lives on the coast but being able to save lives out In the middle of the treacherous oceans (COAST GUARD Compass).

The boatswain’s mate has the important task of saving lives.  They are some of the most qualified members of the Coast Guard.  “Boatswain’s Mates are masters of seamanship” (Promoting Boating Safety and Stewardship since 1939).  Boatswain’s mates can perform any task within deck maintenance, navigation, small boat operations, and supervision of all personnel assigned to a ship’s force or small boat station (Promoting Boating Safety and Stewardship since 1939). With these duties, the job is best fitted for a person who possesses the qualities of a leader and is able to take decisive action in a pressure situation.  An example of a person meant to be a boatswain’s mate is Philip Kiley.  Philip Kiley had always been ready to take on responsibility and lead others.  Especially while attending Wheaton college in Massachusetts, his friends yearned to get drunk and party, he yearned to take on responsibility.  During his junior year, he decided to enlist as a boatswain’s mate in the Coast Guard Reserve.  He went to boot camp and they didn’t just build up his confidence but his confidence in his shipmates, molding him into a true leader (Coast Guard Reserve).  The boatswain’s mate like all of the jobs in the Coast Guard must maintain a level of confidence and responsibility in order for the Coast Guard to be effective.

The United States Coast Guard has a duty to keep the coast lines and the ocean safe at all times.  For instance; on June 10, 2014 the lives of five men were saved by the Coast Guard in the Gulf of Mexico 40 miles southeast of the Texas/Louisiana border.  A fishing boat took on so much water, by the time the Coast Guard got to the men’s boat it was almost fully submerged (Coast Guard Newsroom).  The Coast Guard got there just in time to save their lives.  But, a duty just as important as saving lives is to honor their service men and women.  This becomes like a job, giving the enlisted the core values that will make them successful both during their service and after their service.  Helping them be successful in any aspect of life.  An example of the Coast Guard setting their members up for success is their academies.  These academies give members both a good education and an opportunity to serve their country.  It is ironic that so many people have no idea about this hidden hero.

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When many people think of a national valor they think of the army, the Navy, or even the Navy Seals.  But nobody seems to have any idea what the United States Coast Guard is.  To my perspective they are the Hero’s behind the scenes, the people that do all the dirty work and get the job do yet they receive no accolades.  The United States Coast Guard is one of the five forces of the United States.  The United States Coast Guard is also the only branch of the military to be woven into the United States Department of Homeland Security.  They are very family oriented and their main focus is on the fact that they are very versatile and adaptable to any commotion all the way from rivers to the high seas.  The real question is not that the United States Coast Guard is one of the most effective branches in the military, it is the question that why do people have no idea who they are, why were they established, and how do they keep the United States safe.